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Pricing & Quotations

Prices in our jungle gym brochure includes all poles, timber, hardware, accessories, sand, stone, cement, wood sealer, labour and installation within a radius of 30km from Milnerton (unless otherwise discussed and stipulated in your quotation). Extra traveling, installation & delivery fees will apply for installations further away.

NB: All prices exclude a stock delivery fee. Poles & timber and in some cases, sand & stone or other materials / stock will be delivered directly from our supplier to your premises. The cost will be calculated according to your location and the size of your order. Delivery costs will be stipulated in our quotation and added to the total of your order.

Our prices are based on installations done on a flat / level, soft soiled or regular grassed area. Additional costs may apply for sloped surfaces, areas with access limitations or areas that are awkward to reach or work in. Additional costs may also apply for special machinery / tools, labour and possible delays in workmanship when installing into hard or rocky surfaces or where an area needs to be prepped before we can start with the installation.

NB: It is the client’s responsibility to notify us during the quotation period of any special flooring and the type of surface area we will be installing on. Additional costs will apply for installations done on paving, tar, cement, tiles, rubberized flooring and artificial grass.

NB: Although we try our very best to work as carefully as possible on your special flooring, PlayScape will not be held liable for any damages to the aforementioned surfaces. Ideally, your jungle gym should be installed before you have the flooring installed. Should we need to work on any of these surfaces, then any damages and the closing up of the holes where we have planted the upright poles is for the client’s own account.

Our prices include a Teak exterior wood sealer for all new structures (unless otherwise discussed and stipulated in our quotation). Any special colour wood sealer or colour paints should be discussed and requested during the quotation period. An additional costs will apply for any special colour requests and added to your quotation.

Any changes to design, layout, special requests, unforeseen or additional work, materials or tools required during or after installation will be for the client’s account and invoiced accordingly. Quotations are valid for 14 days only.




A detailed description of the work entailed will be stipulated in our quote. All materials, labour / installation, paint / recoating, travelling and delivery fees will be charged accordingly. Any changes to design, layout, special requests, unforeseen or additional work, materials or tools required during or after installation will be for the client’s account and invoiced accordingly. We do not give any guarantee or warranty on 3rd party structures. Our warranty will only apply to the materials and workmanship supplied and installed by PlayScape. Any other parts of a 3rd party structure will not fall under our warranty.




A scheduled delivery of materials to your premises will take place prior to the installation date and will be communicated with you. On the day of installation we will arrive at your premises and will need to liaise with someone with regards to the positioning of the structure. The exact positioning of the structure must be confirmed before we start with the construction. Additional costs will apply to move or reposition the structure if we have already started or completed the installation.

We will need access to water and an electrical point. If this is not available then please discuss this during the quotation period so that we can arrange for alternative provisions and quote accordingly.

The client is responsible to make sure that the installation area is cleared of plants, trees and unwanted structures before the installation date. Additional costs will apply if we need to prune, cut or clear any vegetation or unwanted structures when we arrive on site.

NB: Please note that we do not remove plants, trees, sand, rocks, rubble or unwanted structures from your premises. This is for the client’s own account.

The client is responsible to indicate underground pipes, cables, irrigation and plants which could be damaged. Damages will be for the client’s account if we are not notified before we start with the installation.

Installations take place weather permitting and will be rescheduled accordingly.

Any unforeseen circumstances which may cause delays on site will be discussed with our client and where applicable extra costs may apply. Once the installation is completed and before we leave your premises, we will need to liaise with someone to finalize the installation and sign off the project.

Please allow a minimum period of 24 hours after the structure has been installed before use. This will give the cement time to set and the sealer time to dry. (unless otherwise discussed)




A 75% deposit is required upfront. The outstanding balance is due and payable on the day of completion.

An installation date will be confirmed once we receive proof of payment for the deposit amount.

All structures installed by PlayScape will remain our property until the total amount due has been settled in full.




All new structures supplied and installed by PlayScape will be to the best of our knowledge, free from manufacturing defects. All hardware, accessories and components which have been outsourced will carry the manufacturers guarantee.

Should a component or accessory fail under normal use or due to undetected manufacturing defects, and within a period of 12 months from the installation date, then PlayScape will at our own discretion and after investigation, either quote accordingly, repair or replace the damaged component or accessory.

This warranty does not cover any damages or failure of components or accessories due to misuse, vandalism, pets, 3rd party repairs or modification or extreme weather conditions.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation.