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Thinking of a fun weekend project?

How about a team building or community project?

Would you like to purchase a jungle gym but geographically you’re too far for us to do the installation?

Then why not consider a D.I.Y. KIT?

We will prepare any of our standard or custom designs and have a complete D.I.Y. KIT ready for you to collect. D.I.Y KITS are easy enough to install with just a few basic tools and an extra hand or two... We include all the timber and poles, all the hardware and all the jungle gym accessories. Some of the components will already be made up for you, making the installation even easier. We also include an installation guide which is easy to read and understand. The following items will not be included in a D.I.Y. K IT, but please feel free to discuss these items with us if you wish to purchase it directly from us. Alternatively, items can be bought at a hardware store close to you.

Transportation of D.I.Y. KITS and any special packaging you may want will be for your own account.


Have you purchased or considering purchasing a D.I.Y. KIT from The PoleYard? PlayScape & The PoleYard work hand in hand and we’ve built up an incredible business relationship over the years. We will gladly assist any Cape Town based customers with the installation of your D.I.Y. KIT purchased from The PoleYard.

The cost of installation is based on the design you’ve purchased from The PoleYard and will be detailed in the quotation we send to you. Additional components or accessories may be purchased directly from us and will be added to your quote.

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or if you feel that you don’t have the time or means to do the installation yourself... we’re here to help you every step of the way!

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