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Safety First

Jungle gyms are all about fun, but safety and stability are of primary importance too. Our stringent quality control & construction methods ensures that all our structures are safe enough for our own kids to play on.



At PlayScape, safety comes first.

While you cannot protect your child every minute of every day, you can choose the right company to install the right playground equipment suitable for your child's age and growing needs


If you have any questions or concerns or if you require further playground safety information, then please do feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist.


Your child's safety on the playground depends on the quality and construction methods of the equipment they are using.



  • We only use treated timber and poles.
  • Structures are sanded and then coated with an exterior wood sealer.
  • Only quality hardware and accessories are used.
  • Fixed structures are concreted into the ground for extra support and stability.
  • There are no protruding hazardous objects.
  • No gaps between the planks on the platform.
  • The standard height of our platforms are 900mm. 1.2m and 1.4m from the ground, unless otherwise requested.
  • We always fit safety rails around our platforms.


  • Allow your kids to only use equipment suitable for their age. Show them which jungle gyms are for the bigger kids and which are good for them to play on.
  • Kids should never play on wet equipment.
  • Take precaution when there are metal objects and surfaces as these could cause burns when it's very hot outside.
  • Teach kids not to walk in front of a moving swing and do not encourage them to swing higher or faster than they are comfortable with.
  • Young kids should always be supervised when using the monkey bars.
  • Remind your little ones to never force body parts into small spaces.
  • Kids should always allow the one on the sliding board to reach the ground before they attempt to slide down.
  • Kids must learn from a young age to never pull or push each other when playing on a jungle gym.
  • Running on a jungle gym should not be allowed.