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Building Experiences

About Us

At PlayScape we will assist you with professional advice, layout, design and construction of your outdoor space.


PlayScape offers a wide variety of outdoor timber structures, customized to meet your requirements and design ideas.

We have a solution for all your timber playground, shading & fencing needs.

With more than 15 years of experience in the timber trade, we are confident in saying that we have the know-how when it comes to building top quality timber structures.


Our Mission

The manner by which we establish, develop and maintain personal and business relationships with our customers is absolutely essential to us. We believe that communication and transparency are key aspects in our customer relations.


Each Project is unique

PlayScape specializes in custom built timber structures. We understand the needs of each client differs, and that’s why each project is unique. We always keep your personal style, budget and design ideas in mind. We give our customers the option to choose the features and accessories they like most and then we build your outdoor structure from the ground up, to fit your available space and exact requirements.

Professional advice and assistance

We love to hear about all the amazing design ideas our customers have. It’s our job to give you professional advice so that the end result is not only practical and safe, but also aesthetically pleasing.

At PlayScape, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We will assist you with the layout, design and construction of your outdoor space to build something that works for you.

What we Offer

Our core business is the manufacturing and installation of playground equipment and timber shading solutions. PlayScape offers a variety of quality built jungle gyms, timber shade ports, pergolas, custom outdoor timber structures, timber fencing, repairs & maintenance... and more!